Social Blackjack



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Published Tue Sep 29 2020
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Portrait
Dimensions 640x480
Company MarketJS
Categories Puzzle
Description Blackjack is a game best played with friends. Play in a social setting, with other players. Can you beat the house? Fun and sleek theme, suitable for card game enthusiasts.
Key Features - Casual play mode where users can drop in and out of the game - Tournament mode (player vs player) black jack - Chat and play with other players in real time - Choose fun avatars to represent yourself - Custom nicknames - Really easy and intuitive controls, for desktop and mobile (smartphones and tablets). Start fragging immediately - Emoji support in nicknames. Use <b></b> and paste into nickname field. - Leaderboards for competitive play
Instruction Play Blackjack with friends
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