Santa or thief
Santa or thief By Freak X Apps Merry Christmas! Kids have got their gifts from santa but its not over yet infact game begins for you. We celebrate XMAS with gifts. Who don’t like gifts? even thieves too. Yes, So we have made this funny game “Santa or Thief”. Where you will be a thief who is dressed up like santa. So you need to be beware of kids and collect gifts. To make it more fun there are cool powers like invisible paint, gift magnet and more. Suit up and play “Santa or Thief”
Christmas Trains
Christmas Trains By Beedo Games Now enjoy the Christmas with trains of gifts, collect gifts to get bigger and deliver them at marked houses on map to beat other players.
Birdy Drop
Birdy Drop By papio Help the little birdies land safely in the correct nests in this cute and challenging arcade game. Tap the birds to make them fall slower or faster in order to time their landing in the correct nests below. See how many you can land safely, beat missions and earn unlocks along the way.
Skater Girl
Skater Girl By JulGames 3D Runner game where you control a skater girl and collect coins. Use coins to unlock new skater costumes.
Nighty Knight
Nighty Knight By Froton Nighty Knight is a wacky action game, where you play as either the Nighty Knight or Pew Pew Princess fighting wave after wave of V.E.R.M.I.N.!
EG Fidget Spinner
EG Fidget Spinner By This is a best of game simulation of the most hot game in nowadays. The Fidget Spinner games
Shoot or Die Western Duel
Shoot or Die Western Duel By Playtouch Are you a fan of Mexican standoffs and spaghetti westerns? This game is for you! Get your boots, your sombrero and your revolver ready for the duel of your life! You have to be ready and have nerves of steel, be as fast as you can and become the fastest in the west or die and be forgotten…
Fish Rescue
Fish Rescue By Playtouch It's time to go home ! but the poor little fishes are still looking for their anemone. You have to help them ! Draw the path they have to follow in the floor. Avoid the big fhishes in the way and that's it. Each level offers you a new puzzle that you will love for sure! Fish Rescue tests your reflexes and logic. This new game will make you think and work your memory. The cute graphics are perfect for the young ones.
EG Roll Baller
EG Roll Baller By EG Roll Ballerl is a game like Slide Puzzle Games. Includes two game modes with 200 levels.
Speed Racer
Speed Racer By YAKPI race with your heart !...
Shoot Robbers
Shoot Robbers By YAKPI Save your life and Shoot The Roober...
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts By MathNook Create the ultimate Christmas gift in this easy to play Christmas puzzle game. Just slide the gifts vertically or horizontally to make the same type of gifts run into each other. Once two same type gifts collide an upgraded gift is created. Keep on sliding until you create the ultimate Christmas gift or you run out of spaces.
Christmas Five Differences
Christmas Five Differences By Vi Games Christmas Five Differences is spot the difference game made just for you! Kill some time on this funny game and you are gonna be a lot happier. It is a Christmas Time soon and Merry, Merry Christmas to you. Find all differences and you are the winner. Have fun my little friend.
Real Flight Simulator
Real Flight Simulator By JulGames Flight simulation game with realistic engines and physics....
Candy Super Lines
Candy Super Lines By YAKPI Welcome To Candy Super Lines ! #Anti Candy-Candy Club...
Fruit Snake
Fruit Snake By YAKPI Now enjoy classical snake game in an adventurous way....
Gatoslice By Gatoslice is a puzzling new food based game where you must make split second decisions about where to serve the never ending slices of food as they arrive. Imagine a 360 degree version of Tetris where you needed to shift the pieces all around you in order to avoid pile ups and maximize your space to serve as much food to as many people as possible! It's an incredible adventure in the genre of puzzles, time man agement, and also food.
Solitaire Kings
Solitaire Kings By The classic Solitaire you love! Experience the crisp, big and easy to read cards. Draw 1 Card ( Easy ) or Draw 3 Card ( Hard ). Includes 2 themes. Have fun!
High Road
High Road By fugames High Road is an amazing racing game with 3D pixel graphics. If you like the passion of speed and to be a super driver, do not miss it. Choose a cool sports car and start to race. As you driving, you can also appreciate the environment. Join the game and have a blast.
Santa Claus Differences
Santa Claus Differences By MB2 Merry Christmas! In this game there are small differences. Can you find them? They are fun designs for you to play with. A game that is fun and educational because it will help you improve your observation and concentration skills. You have 10 levels and 7 differences, for each level you have one minute to finish the same. Enjoy the Christmas holiday!
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