Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter


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Published Mon Apr 04 2022
Type html5
Sub Type WebGL
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready No
Dimensions 800x600
Company Navy Spade
Description Gardenland is in trouble! A mysterious storm raged over the village and transformed everyone into furry friends! Who did this and why? Pop the bubbles, renovate the garden, and reveal the evil in this mystery! Embark on a colorful adventure! Discover the unfolding truth about Alice and her fluffy friends. Shoot and match bubbles wisely to beat hundreds of levels in a fascinating journey and design the best garden along the way. Every move matters when you are playing the tricky puzzle riddles!
Key Features Gardenland: Bubble Shooter Pop features ● Addictive gameplay: pop the bubbles, decorate the garden, and spoil the twisted plans of Merrig the Witch! ● Renovate the garden that was destroyed by the evil thunder! ● Blast the bubbles in this exciting match 3 fun puzzle shooting game! ● Dive into the character troubles - an intriguing and unique story of Gardenland! ● Rescue the furry friends who are trapped in the bubble cages! ● Choose beautiful dresses to match the changing seasons in Gardenland! ● Pleasant music for a relaxing bubble popping game!
Instruction Aim the mouse where you want to shoot a ball to Left click to throw the ball
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