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Published Fri May 21 2021
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Dimensions 400x600
Company Hit Games
Categories Adventure.IO
Description Prepare for a fun-filled adventure with one of the most well-known characters as you play This is a simple game to enjoy, but it is incredibly addictive. It would, without a doubt, put a stop to your boredom. Attempt to beat other players online to become the most powerful character. You can play this game for free wherever you are! So, how long are you going to be waiting? Now is the time to start playing! Play Now!Game Objective:The aim of the game is to consume as much food as possible in order to increase your crowd. You may even eat a competitor with a smaller crowd than you do so that his or her entire crowd becomes yours. There are also some power-ups that will aid you in the game, such as a speed boost or doubling the size of your crowd.
Key Features · The game has cool graphics and effects.· The design and animation are so cool· Navigation is easy.· The music and sound effects are very entertaining.· Tre to unlock fifteen colorful skins purchased using coins· It has a Shop were you can either purchase Skin or Coins by watching a video.· It also has an Upgrade Section where you can upgrade your character’s Movement Speed, Start Crowd, Change Double Clone, and More Clones After Kill
Instruction Click & Drag mouse
Thumbnails & Icons

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