Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure


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Published Thu Mar 16 2023
Type html5
Sub Type Construct 3
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Landscape
Dimensions 1600x900
Company Unico Studio
Categories Arcade
Description The holy treasure is in danger! Warriors stole it and ran away.Join an exciting adventure to help the balls to take it back. Tricky traps,deadly spikes and blades are on the way but balls are brave. Puzzles are hard to solve but balls are clever. A story like adventure, jump into action and help them.
Key Features - 45 challenging levels - 3 different worlds -Jungle,mine and temple - 7 kinds of balls - Blue ball - Orange ball - Zombie - Mummy - Skeleton - Metal ball - Super hero ball - Many kinds of enemies -Bomberman,worm,mole,spikey ball and more… - Many puzzles to solve - Roll the balls and move the blocks,think twice before you get into action. - Story based gameplay
Instruction Use W,A,D controls for keyboard.
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