Bike Vs. Train


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Published Wed Jan 18 2023
Type html5
Sub Type WebGL
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready No
Mobile Mode
Dimensions 800x600
Categories Racing3D
Description Pull up your socks and brace yourself for the deadliest, most challenging and exhilarating Motor Bike racing experience. In this stunt racing simulator, the extent of your survival relies solely on how expertly you can handle the bike stuntman moves on high speed racing on a various number of tracks. Hit the race button and ride at full speed to beat the trains in this deadly impossible stunts train racing game. From letting you choose your favorite bike to offering a number of racing tracks, this stunt racing simulator becomes more challenging as you move forward in the motor bike racing levels.
Key Features 1) Simple and easy motor bike racing game 2) Train View to Track the Train racing in impossible stunts game 3) Track Map as a bike stuntman to help you Stay on the Track 4) Wide Variety of bikes to choose from, which will help you ride on all kinds of tracks including snowy and mountainous areas 5) Realistic stunt racing simulator with 3D Graphics to enable you to experience a high speed Bike vs. Train chase 6) Super Smooth Controls help you in following the train racing easily and also make turns smoother 7) Challenging Levels and impossible stunts keep you glued to the Screen
Instruction Use arrows to control the bike. Shift + Forward Arrow for Nitro. Space for Hand Brake.
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