Castle Defense


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Published Mon Sep 06 2021
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Landscape
Dimensions 1280x768
Categories ActionAdventure
Description Play this epic tower defense game. Develop your castles into massive fortresses! 40+ map levels with four different themes and various types of magical skills with awesome powers to take out the monsters! It will keep you playing for hours.
Key Features ★ Epic strategy/defense game free that keeps you playing for hours! ★ Unique playstyle that combines the tower placement and troop command! ★ 4 types of defense towers and troops with various upgradable options! ★ 5 types of magical skills with awesome powers to drown out the monsters! ★ 40+ map levels with four different themes: forest, desert, ice, and fantasy world! ★ More than 12 types of monsters with their own skills will put you to the real test! ★ Beautiful landscapes and animations! ★ One of the best strategy/defense games free on the market!
Instruction Objective: - Don't let enemies attack the castle. - Build defenders along the road to kill enemies and get E-point. Defender types: - Alchemist house: Continuously generates E-points over time. - Tower: Cannon Tower only attacks ground enemies. Lightning Tower will attack both the ground and air enemies. - Trooper: Swordsman and Wizard can block the road and prevent enemies coming to the castle.
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