Connect Master - Classic Game


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Published Mon Oct 24 2022
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Portrait
Dimensions 720x1280
Categories Arcade
Description Connect Master - Classic Game is an adventure-themed connect pair matching puzzle game with various game theme skins. Let you go on an adventure as an explorer while having fun and relaxing simultaneously. You can feel the warmth and harmony of the village tribe on the way and play on the sunny ocean beach. You can also visit the icy animal kingdom, find the mysterious magic forest and enjoy the desert culture. So, come on and try it out! This classic tile-matching puzzle game is fun and casual but also challenging! Hurry up and play this matching elimination puzzle game and prove that you are the master of connecting matching squares with action. Hope you have fun and enjoy playing!
Key Features 1. Colorful collections of tiles - connect cute animals, beautiful flowers, fruits & other cute things, impact your visual senses. 2. Set the game mall; you can buy the game props you need with gold as you like. 3. Game resurrection function, in case you fail to challenge, allows you to resurrect and challenge the game again. 4. You can log in to your Google and Facebook accounts and automatically save the level upgrade progress so that you can play anytime, anywhere! 5. Multi-language options
Instruction 1. To connect and match, you need to find two tiles with the same pattern in a pile of pattern tiles. 2. In connecting two tiles with the same pattern, you can only use a maximum of three straight lines to connect them. 3. If you encounter difficulties, do not be discouraged; you can use powerful game props to get help. 4. You must match all the tiles successfully within the time limit; otherwise, the challenge fails.
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