Cookie Clicker Climate Change


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Published Fri Aug 26 2022
Type html5
Sub Type WebGL
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Landscape
Dimensions 800x600
Company Drmop Games
Categories Clicker
Description Addictive, fun cookie clicker, 400+ achievements, upgrades, modifications and powerups, powerful free daily bonuses, minigame boosters, offline cookie mining and evolution boosts.
Key Features - Simple and very addictive auto incremental upgrade style game play - Over 200 upgrades and mods to speed up carbon reduction and cookie production. - Unlock over 200 achievements. - Use powerups to speed cookie cooking production. - Evolve your cookie mastery to gain extra benefits and unlock new minigame boosters. Also supports multi-evo, evolve up to 4 times in one go and save massive amounts of cookies. - Daily bonus rewards and daily bonus mini-games. - Offline cookie cooking, play even whilst you are away. - Random blessings boost your play. - Deal with random curses such as striking workers, maintenance shut downs and more. - Endless game play
Instruction Tap / click the cookie
Thumbnails & Icons

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