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Published Sun Jul 14 2019
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Dimensions 1200x900
Company GamePoint
Description Enjoy classic bingo! Win up to 6 prizes per card! Win a horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line, pattern or the full BINGO card. At GamePoint Bingo you can play in manual and automatic rooms. The rooms in the 'manual' list are for fanatics. Do you enjoy being on top of the game and scratching the numbers away as the ball rolls by? Then these manual rooms are definitely the place for you. Would you rather chat and relax while watching the balls roll? Then look for the automatic rooms. In these rooms we do all the scratching for you. Keep an eye out! Cause to make our games even more fun, we have added collectible items on our Bingo cards, collect them all to unlock even more special features!
Key Features ✯ DAILY Spins & gifts ✯ WIN up to 6 prizes per card ✯ FINISH your collections ✯ COLLECT unique daubers. Find your lucky favorite! ✯ ENJOY events like SuperBingo Jackpots, Bingo Millionaire, Golden Ball! ✯ CHAT live with friends and players while playing Bingo ✯ JOIN CLUBS to play together, win together! ✯ BET multiple cards per round to double the fun! ✯ EXPERIENCE a journey with our themed Bingo rooms
Instruction Use your mouse
Thumbnails & Icons

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