Grand Vegas Simulator


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Published Fri May 13 2022
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready No
Dimensions 960x600
Company No Outlinks
Categories racing3d
Description Show off your driving skills and drifting skills while you perform some of the road duties of a cop in the Grand Vegas Simulator Game. Speed and control will also be challenged in this game. Complete missions to unlock cars and earn ranks. You have to go through checkpoints without touching the cones, go to the bank, escort the president, chase and hit the car repeatedly until it stops, go to the accident, and reach the required speed.
Key Features Features: - Amazing graphics and sound effects - Easy Gameplay - See how many cool police cars you can unlock - Choose from hundreds of color palettes - You can adjust the brush size as you color the car. - Take your car to the next level with 38 decals - Adjust the size and rotation of the decal - Add some gloss and matte effects - Repaint with so many hues - Try six different tires - It comes in six different colors of smoke
Instruction Arrow keys/WASD

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