Home Makeover Hidden Object



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Published Fri Apr 02 2021
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Portrait
Dimensions 800x600
Categories Puzzle
Description The exciting Hidden Object adventure game that started the 4 part series (tetralogy if you want to sound smart)! Behind the white picket fence lies a quaint old house with a FUN jam packed hidden object adventure. Emma’s Grandparents' old house needs a home makeover! Okay...a LONG awaited makeover! Exchange old paint for dazzling wallpaper, outdated furniture for more modern pieces and more! Return this house back to its old glory! Clean out the old cluttered house and sell the items to your neighbors! Earn money from jumble sales to buy furniture and new fixtures for the old house! With over 10 ways to search for household items you will never get bored! This free adventure Hidden Object find the picture app will require you to search for Hidden Objects, exercise your Time Management skills and Match 3!
Key Features • ROCKSTAR tutorial to help you with each new feature introduced! • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! • AWESOME Home makeover rewards! • HOURS of gameplay! • INCLUDES fun facts and hints! • SEEK AND FIND hundreds of items! • EXCITING PUZZLE adventure app! • UNCLUTTER Emma’s grandparents’ house and give it a much needed home makeover! • 9 EXCITING achievements for you to pursue! • OVER 15 modes! Mirror Mode, Night Mode, Picture search and more! • UNLIMITED LEVELS span over 12 gorgeous scenes! • ZOOM feature: To help search for smaller items! • RELAX MODE available if you prefer to seek at your leisure! • ITEM HUNT: Find 20 items of the same kind, instead of working from a list! • STAMP Collecting mini game: Play entertaining Match 3 Minigames!
Instruction Click or tap to find hidden objects
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