Jump Me


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Published Tue Jul 20 2021
Type html5
Sub Type WebGL
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready No
Mobile Mode
Dimensions 480x800
Company katanigames
Categories Puzzle
Description Up for new chessboard logical moves and strategy logic board puzzle? Well, you love the mind-boggling logical challenges of Jump Me – the ultimate Knights Tour checkerboard variation! We made sure to create a chessboard game & logic board puzzle that is both fun, challenging and brain teasing, so you can entertain and train your brain at the same time. Play with the Knight & his mighty horse and plan your chess board moves, make good strategy logic decisions and pass through all levels.
Key Features ⭐WHY YOU’LL LOVE JUMP ME⭐ ✅ simple logic board puzzle with checkerboard Knight’s Tour game play ✅ chessboard game with exquisite graphics and artwork ✅ Wide array of levels (new levels are added frequently) with various chess board moves and logical moves challenges ✅ collect diamonds and coins to buy boosters ✅ 4 boosters and helpers for the toughest levels ✅ 5 lives & ability to shop more ✅ free logic chess board game
Instruction you move with the mouse
Thumbnails & Icons

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