Rope Rescue Puzzle


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Published Fri Jan 27 2023
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Landscape
Dimensions 720x1280
Company BotaGame
Categories ArcadeClicker
Description Join the rescue mission to become the hero with one of the rope games now!A free easy game that gives you unique and engaging puzzles. All you need to do in this easy game is to drag the rope to save them all from the fire ?. Very attractive, lots of fun and addictive for everyone ?
Key Features ★ Easy to pick up and play anytime you need a little treat ★ Suitable for all ages. ★ Drag the rope to solve challenging puzzles. ★ Train your brain. Try many ways to play because these are logical puzzles. ★ Improve your logical thinking capability ★ The music, sounds, visuals and graphics are outstanding ★ Play thousands of decadently fun levels! ★ Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to rescue all stickmen.
Instruction Drag the rope to create a safe path. Try to carry all the people in the rope and save them all. Don't forget to avoid obstacles along the way such as: bombs, lasers, saws, guns, ... (dangerous and difficult tasks).
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