Kawaii Wedding Cake


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Published Fri Dec 08 2017
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready No
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 800x500
Categories Girls
Description One of the most important events of your great wedding day is the part when your gorgeous wedding cake joins the party and you and your groom get to cut it in front of all your beloved ones friends and family so you have to make sure it looks just like the one you have imagined for this big day The wedding cake is as important as the location chosen for your reception or as your stunning wedding gown it has to fit the theme chosen for your reception and it also needs a highly original look A Kawaii wedding cake is sure to catch the attention of all your guests because of its adorable look and tiny size so what about surprising them with a delicious and highly original masterpiece on your wedding day Playing our fun wedding cake decoration game you girls are going to learn how to design an amazingly cute Kawaii wedding cake for your big wedding day so get it started and first of all decide if youd like to spoil your guests with a delicious vanilla flavored wedding cake or rather with a tasty chocolate one Once the main decision was taken go to the next page of the game and pick the second flavor of your wedding dessert choosing between milk mint whipped cream and fresh strawberries the second ingredient you want in your cake A mix between chocolate and mint will provide a Zombie wedding cake for your guests and a mix between vanilla and strawberries will provide a Cute Wedding Cake for the most important day of your life And thats not all Get the Kawaii Wedding Cake decoration game started try own your own combinations and see how many lovely wedding cakes you can create with only a few clicks Enjoy
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