Miss Halloween Princess


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Published Wed Oct 25 2017
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready No
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 800x500
Categories Girls
Description Halloween is behind the corner and four of your favourite Disney Princesses are getting ready to go trick or treating in their great fantasy world This year they are also going to attend a costume parade and each of them dream to win the Miss Halloween Princess title So it seems that Ariel Mulan Tiana and Cinderella need your expert advice in this brandnew holiday themed dress up game for girls Come and join the girls in and see what highly original Halloween costumes you can create for each of them The first in line is the lovely red haired princess Ariel She is going to give up her sweetness and turn into a bad girl so how about selecting a Harley Quinn inspired costume for her In Mulans wardrobe there are both floorsweeping princess dresses and spooky costumes Will you turn her into a royal blooded cutie or rather into a pumpkin Next you get to dress up Tiana Whether you pick a skeleton dress or a zombie cheerleader costume make sure to pair your selection with a new hairstyle the right pair of shoes and with some matching accessories Now lets move on turn beautiful Cinderella into a cookie monster into a cupcake or into a punk rock princess HINT Choose matching clothing pieces and accessories to unlock the achievements weve prepared for you in the Miss Halloween Princess dress up game for girls Feel free to post their number in a comment below Have fun ladies
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