Patience Solitaire


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Published Mon Dec 11 2017
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready No
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 800x500
Company Julio Fuente
Categories Arcade
Description ObjectiveThe object of Golf is to transfer all the cards from the seven columns to the single waste pile as quickly as possible Thats all there is to it Childs play hey Sure you dont want to play tiddlywinks instead Golf RulesAll building is carried out on the single waste pile A single exposed card from one of the seven columns may be transferred to the waste pile if it follows either an ascending or descending sequence regardless of suit So in the above example either the or the may be built on the Sequences may turn the corner with Kings building on Aces and Aces building on Kings When no more cards from the columns can be transferred to the waste pile a card from the stock is dealt to the waste pile and building resumes When the stock is exhausted and no more building can occur then the game is over When playing Rules and for your first move you may play any of the exposed column cards to the waste pile to get the ball rolling so youll have to scan the cards really quickly to see which card might release the best initial sequence For all other rules an initial card is dealt from the stock to the waste pile so you have to build on that Be aware that your score is entirely proportional to the time you take to clear out the columns so youre gonna have to motor My personal best on Rule is seconds and I was flying Subminute times seem impossible at first but if you keep playing Golf endlessly you find yourself playing on instinct and scanning several moves ahead It can get quite frantic Dont forget you can double click or right click on a card to send it flying to the waste pile
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