Poopieman Voodo



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Published Thu Apr 22 2021
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Portrait
Dimensions 800x600
Company kiz10.com
Categories ActionClicker
Description Have fun with this new game Poopieman Voodoo here on kiz10 play it for free and have fun aiming at the little doll and destroy it with all your ammunition and in all the ways you can, complete all the missions of this entertaining fun game based on the classic poopieman game. Enjoy this fun and entertaining new game, the funny character will use his poop to practice and aim, destroy the little tied doll and improve your aim with this new game.
Key Features Use Mouse or Touch Screen to point and shoot
Instruction The objective of the game is to point and shoot in all possible ways to destroy the tied doll.
Thumbnails & Icons

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