Princess Shoe Design


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Published Sun Jan 21 2018
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready No
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 800x550
Categories Action
Description Disney Princess Mulan is in a great need of a super talented shoes designer who can help her surprise her grandma with a brandnew pair of girly girl shoes Mulans Grandma has always wanted to see her beloved granddaughter embracing the familys old traditions and wearing those statement garments the old lady sewed with her skillful hands would surely make her so happy And since today is Grandmas birthday princess Mulan belies this would make the perfect occasion for her to wear something girlygirl and impress Grandma So girls could you help her design a pair of new shoes Join the brave princess in getting the Princess Mulan Shoes Design game for girls started and first of all select from a wide variety of shapes the girlygirl shoes out beautiful princess should wear today Next using your brush color the chosen pair of shoes by selecting from the great plurality of colors and patterns your favorites Also in order to make Mulans new shoes look just a little bit more girlygirl you can accessorize them with oversized bows ruffles flowers or any other decorations of your choice Wonderful job ladies princess Mulan loves her new pair of shoes Now why dont you teach her how to properly wear them On the next page of this Disney Princess game you can select from six different shirts and six matching highwaisted skirts the mix you find more suitable for the pair of shoes youve created Have a great time girls
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