Rick and Morty


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Published Mon Nov 20 2017
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready No
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 800x500
Categories Girls
Description You guys are never going to believe this one of the most popular cartoons these days Rick and Morty has taken over DressUpWhocom The mad scientist and his notsobright grandson are here to take you in one of their interdimensional adventures but before you three get the fun started some preparations need to be done First of all you will have to pass one of Ricks annoying tests can you resist the temptation of not touching one of those cool things Rick has in his lab Bad things happen if you and Morty dare to even touch one of those colorful potions or any other cool tool scattered in Ricks lab Just take a closer look admire and skip to the next part of the game where you get to dress them up for their next adventure Feel free to browse through their wardrobes and select some tops bottoms overtops and shoes for each of them Getting their outfits perfectly mixed and matched isnt your goal today so feel free to select anything you like Unusual accessories such as helmets goggles cameras or weapons are also needed make sure to select a couple for each of them Dont forget to also click on the green portal to choose the destination of your interdimensional adventure Have a blast playing Rick And Morty Dress Up Game
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