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Published Sun Jul 14 2019
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Dimensions 1200x900
Company GamePoint
Description Royaldice: Roll five dice and create high scoring combinations. Your goal is to mark your dice rolls and to be the player with the highest score combination after 13 turns. Objective of the game: In RoyalDice, you have a total of five dice to roll each turn in order to fill in a score card. Your goal is to mark your dice rolls on your score card with the highest score combinations. The player with the highest scores after thirteen turns is the winner. In Triple Mode, the winner is decided after 39 turns, where your score card has three columns instead of one!
Key Features ✯ DAILY Spins & gifts ✯ COLLECT unique daubers. Find your lucky favorite! ✯ ENJOY events like SuperBingo Jackpots, Bingo Millionaire, Golden Ball! ✯ CHAT live with friends and players while playing Bingo ✯ JOIN CLUBS to play together, win together!
Instruction Roll 5 dice up to three times each round in order to achieve high scoring combinations. Your goal is to roll the highest possible score for each of the combinations listed on your score sheet. The player with the highest score is decided after thirteen rounds.
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