SCP Laboratory Idle Secret


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Published Mon Jan 30 2023
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Portrait
Dimensions 800x600
Company Mirra Games
Categories Clicker
Description Launch this secret clicker with pixel graphics to become a manager and build your own X-Files Foundation lab. Hire employees, improve your laboratory, explore new technologies, go through story events!
Key Features ? Tap to earn money and science points! Each click brings you money. Spend this money to improve your laboratory, conduct experiments with aliens. ? Hire employees, improve your laboratory! When you have enough money, you can spend it on improving the base. Basic clicker mechanics - some improvements give you an increase in passive income, and some - an increase in passive income. ? Go through the story events! Prepare enough money and science points to participate in the story events. Completing the event will give you a constant boost for your entire lab.
Instruction This game has very simple controls! In order to accumulate money, click on the red button. Buy more advanced equipment, hire more professional employees - and your profit will grow! And money accumulates for the sake of carrying out the activities of a secret laboratory and passing an interesting storyline.
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