Sector 781



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Published Mon Feb 08 2021
Type html5
Sub Type Javascript
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Mobile Mode Landscape
Dimensions 960x540
Company Refold
Categories Action
Description Battle your way through 3 realms of 'Sector 781', a pixel art Metroidvania platformer. Upgrade your character and weapons; collect shards to increase your energy supply. Use teleports to navigate around the realms. Shoot things that move and some that don't move. Activate laptop checkpoints to save your position.
Key Features 3 levels, each consisting of 25 screens. 7 types of enemies and 1 boss per level. 6 different power-ups
Instruction CONTROLS Mobile: Touch controls Desktop: Keyboard or gamepad. move - ARROW KEYS jump - X fire - C map - M
Thumbnails & Icons

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