Water Surfer Car Floating Beach Drive Game



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Published Fri Nov 08 2019
Type html5
Sub Type WebGL
HTTPS ready Yes
Mobile ready Yes
Dimensions 900x600
Company zuma studio
Categories Racing3D
Description Water surfer car floating race game is now available free on google play store in which you will race different kinds of sports cars in full water challenge free. You will have been played cars road racing and city car racing games till now but water car floating race is a new idea of car racing.
Instruction ✓ Beautiful futuristic floating cars to drive in underwater. ✓ Realistic on water swimming car physics. ✓ Extreme water surfer driving animations. ✓ Detailed gameplay with immense sea beach for water driving. ✓ Realistic 3D graphics with high speed water surfer car. ✓ Perform beach stunts with your water boat car.
Thumbnails & Icons

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