Dodgeball Battle
Dodgeball Battle By MarketJS Catch the ball with your hands, and throw it back to them. Can you win this duel dodge ball game? Use your reflexes and wits to defeat the opponent. Features: - Power mode - Endless gameplay - Unlock new skins - Responsive design - Clever AI
Touch Number
Touch Number By SUCCESS Corporation Tap the numbers one by one as fast as you can!...
Jump Kitty
Jump Kitty By Gaming Studio Jump and go long distance you can....
Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Estate Slide
Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Estate Slide By FrivClub Play this slide puzzle games of the car - Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate. It's include 3 images and 3 modes to play.
Dino Run Adventure
Dino Run Adventure By Vi Games Dino Run Adventure is the best free running game where you can run with your dinosaur friend. Collect food, and make the highest score! Click play and run your way for fun running adventures! Have fun playing.
Hangman Challenge
Hangman Challenge By Fun Best Games At the top of the screen you will see a hint, it will direct your thoughts in the right direction, suggesting from which area the hidden word: animals, transport, school, fruit and so on. Click on the letters, choosing them from the set below. If any of them is correct, it will appear on the line. If there is none, the rope will begin to appear, then the head, and then the limbs one at a time. If a gallows draw before you guess the word, you lose.
Animal Cars Match 3
Animal Cars Match 3 By STA network Animal Cars Match 3 – this cool game three in a row, in which you have to put the blocks of the same color in a series of three pieces or more to achieve the highest possible score, be careful to account the scale to the left did not fall too low, otherwise the game will be over. Enjoy the game!
Creative Collage Design
Creative Collage Design By Yiv.Com You can design all kinds of creative collages: princess dresses made of flower petals, animals made of leaves; you can also use these collages to create your own story...You will love it!
Sports Mahjong Connection
Sports Mahjong Connection By FrivClub Connect all the sports mahjong tiles and clear the board in this html5 mahjong connection games. You can only connect 2 tiles with the same items with a path with no more than two 90 degree angles. What's the max level can you play? By Ready to Play Disc Game , Best Battle with Disc .io Game. Throw the disc and eliminate opponents defences. Remember, If you will throw back disk immediately, special throw will activate.
Get The Girl
Get The Girl By Your girl is waiting for your rescue, breakthrough the difficulties, and arrive at your girl.
Elevator Breaking
Elevator Breaking By JulGames Elevator Breaking features: - multiple levels - good graphics - challenging gameplay
Mr Shooter
Mr Shooter By FG Studio Game has 80 levels Use your brain in this unique shooting game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies How to play: Mouse movement -> Aim Left Mouse Button-> Shoot
Fast Ultimate Adorned Passenger Bus Game
Fast Ultimate Adorned Passenger Bus Game By zuma studio Coach buses need to be driven. People need to be delivered to their destination.
Candy And Monsters
Candy And Monsters By An addicted simulation/physics game, simple to control, nice design, fun and relax-able. PLAY NOW!
Build An Island
Build An Island By Yiv.Com Little house builder will learn how to build an island and boat with our free games for kids. Large ship and platforms help kids with the construction mechanics and explore the ocean. Start building your cool isla with our Building for kids!
Extreme Fighters
Extreme Fighters By newgamess In Extreme Fighters you will fight against other enemies and gain score by killing them. You can choose your player, there is 3 different player characters. You will collect lives, ammo and shields. Play this game on your pc or mobile devices.
Dangerous Spikes
Dangerous Spikes By FTG Tap on scree to change side of the circle and to avoid spikes. Spikes will hurt you, so you need to avoid them.
Going Up
Going Up By Catom Games Help a lonely bird to reach its nest. Avoid obstacles and collect coins to unlock new skins.
Stretched Cat
Stretched Cat By In Stretched Cat game, which is a fun casual game, you have to take the cat that stretches to the finish line with the necessary moves. 50+ different levels are waiting for you in this game which has mind and practice game. Have fun.
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